Welcome to whit.moe!

Hello! You've reached my corner of the internet! Congrats! My name is Molly and, if you couldn't tell, I own this land you're standing on. I've had a personal homepage for almost a decade in various forms, and I guess this is the latest version. If you're wondering about who I am, look around a little! Okay, maybe that's not the best intro. Lemme try again.

Hello! My name is Molly and I am a 20 year old trans woman from the midwest. I started this particular incarnation of my site as a blogger page, but I owned this domain and didn't want to waste my money. A lot of what I write about is trans stuff and general life details that are too personal to put anywhere where anyone I know in person can find me. Hope you enjoy my personal thoughts, I guess! If you did, sign the guestbook!

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